Found Treasures: artisan jewelry featuring the gifts of nature

My story as an artist begins as a young girl living in Sweden.  My mother was a weaver; my father was a photographer; my grandfather and uncle were painters.  I learned about using light, texture and color from all of them.  My family also taught me the joy and wonder of traveling to many lands, and exploring new places.

Many years, we summered on the northern shores of Denmark.   Nearly every day, my sister and I would play and explore along the beaches.  The treasures we discovered could have filled our small cottage! By far our favorites were the small stones shaped into hearts by the sea; my Heart Stone Collection finds its origin here.

I feel most alive when I hear waves crashing on the shore, smell salty sea air, and watch the glorious colors of a sunrise or sunset. My newest pieces, a rainbow of colorful sapphires, added to handmade sterling silver settings, captures the magic of warm sunset hues, the cool blues of the ocean, and the sparkle of water droplets on a cresting wave. My Sapphire Collection is a joyful reminder of sun and surf.

The sea is my first love, travel my second.  As an adult I have had the good fortune to spend time in some of the most beautiful places – the Virgin Islands, Captiva, and Hawaii among them.   For many years, I operated my own travel agency and helped others find their paradise on earth.  Now, I share my love of travel with my daughter, whose photographs inspire the aerial view pieces contained in my Micro Mosaic Collection.

The allure of sea glass truly took hold when luck and adventure brought me to the island of St Thomas, USVI.  Living there, I spent nearly every free moment on or near the water.  Wandering its beaches I collected sea glass and treasures from faraway lands.   It was a place and time of total contentment.   My Sea Glass Collection reflects this.

As I continue to travel to distant places, the transition into jewelry making has been a natural evolution.  It has given me the opportunity to share my found treasures – naturally formed, colorful, and unique – as meaningful and memorable pieces of art to be worn.

My jewelry is simple, elegant, and captures a moment of beauty from a favorite beach or travel destination.   There is a natural playfulness and joy in each handmade piece, expressing the wearer’s love of nature and the wonder of the world’s great beauty.