Micro Mosaic Collection

The sea is my first love, travel my second. For many years, I operated my own travel agency and helped others find their paradise on earth. Now, I share my love of travel with my daughter, whose photographs inspire the aerial view pieces contained in my Micro Mosaic Collection.

Each piece of my micro mosaic jewelry is composed of delicate glass beads set in grout. At times tiny pieces of shell may be added. Enticing vistas glimpsed during flight are captured in sterling silver handmade frames – sunlight on silvery lakes, thrilling cloudscapes, dappled plains, sunsets, and starlight skies.

Contemporary versions of a 2000 year old technique capture a moment of nature’s beauty.

Believing in responsible consumption of natural resources, reclaimed sterling silver is used. Made in the USA.

* A portion of all sales will be donated to Ocean Conservancy – clean beaches, clean water.

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