micro mosaic elongated earrings

Sunset Earrings


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Contemporary versions of a 2000 year old technique capture a moment of nature’s beauty.

The sea is my first love, travel my second. For many years, I operated my own travel agency and helped others find their paradise on earth. Now, I share my love of travel with my daughter, whose photographs inspire the aerial view pieces contained in my Micro Mosaic Collection.

The bold, lush colors of a coastal sunset – from almost anywhere – WA, FL, CA – is captured in these elongated handmade frames of sterling silver. Each tiny glass seed bead is placed by hand and then set with grout. The droplets measure 3/8″ x 7/8″ (12mm x 12mm) and 1 3/4″ (44mm) in total length from the top of the handmade sterling silver ear wire. The earrings hang to about the center of the neck.

There is a lovely “worry stone” feel to the beadwork.

Note: each piece will be unique but these colors will be used.